Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Construction Safety Crime reduction through environmental design aims to decrease the number of crime casualties through a can-be-seen perspective from a culprits view rather than the common un-infiltrating set-up or design. The concept highlights the importance of planning and scrutinizing construction set-up for residential or commercial architectures.
The concepts of CRTED are clearly applicable not just to the completed infrastructure but also throughout the process of formulating and constructing the establishment. For instance, a construction firm is to create a proposed 3-story residential building. Chances of intrusion by law-breakers and gate-crashers are heightened as the construction progresses. Thus, an intricate planning method should be achieved prior to starting the whole project in a particular worksite.
To specifically exemplify, the company should have an initiative to construct structures that will preserve security of the whole site. A walled perimeter with sharp edges should be created surrounding the working space. This will create a notion for intruders to avoid slipping through the walls in avoidance of possible accidents or dangers. The perimeter walls should be constructed at a distance from the constructed buildings. This will avoid creating over-wall access points for those who plan to steel. There should only be one access point for all the workers as a means of entrance and exit, which is located at the public side of the site. This will prevent multiple access points where little surveillance may be possible. A well-lighted environment during a dark night should be made available at all times. This will ensure a clear vision for those assigned to maintain a high level of security for the site materials. When keeping construction materials, the company must create a structure inside the working area where it is clearly visible for those who are tasked to provide proper surveillance (as cited in Atlas, 2008)
Upon implementation of these CPTED concepts, crime rate will be minimized.
Atlas, Randall (Ed). (2008). 21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Ltd.