Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Running head: CONSTRUCTION SAFETY Module Construction Safety According to Sweet (2009) construction work inmost cases is time barred and for this reason clocking the deadline is of essence for any construction company in most projects. Construction Management Services (CMS) is facing a huge risk of losing $2 million unless three projects get completed as originally scheduled. The suggestion to incorporate a 24hrs working schedule to a huge extent will ensure the completion of the projects in time. However, this is a change process that employees are not used to and it further comes with working in shifts. These aspects have their drawbacks which may affect the projects adversely.
The loss to be incurred is huge and thus has forced the management to take a drastic decision which in this case is understandable. Of importance to note are the consequences that the move to three 8 hours shifts will bring. The VP has a genuine concern that the productivity will most likely drop while workers will most likely demand to work under new terms. The reason for this is that shifts will be highly demanding as the schedule is tight. The working hours will also change since others will be working at night or odd hours of the day which they were not used to. The high demand to perform under unusual conditions will trigger a low morale hence lower productivity (Sweet, 2009).
It is important to appreciate that lower productivity and risk of tensions on remuneration will almost certainly result in CMS failing to meet the deadline thereby losing the $2 million altogether. This therefore calls for a change of the approach at least by consulting the workforce in relation to what is the best way forward in completing the three projects in time.
Sweet, J. J. (2009). Sweet on construction industry contracts: Time. 5th edn. Aspen Publishers Online.