Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Running head: CONSTRUCTION SAFETY Module Construction Safety In organizations, management of human resource issues is neither a hard task nor an easy one. According to Loosemore et al. (2003) it all depends on ones ability to make sound judgment and use of acquired skills and in some cases, experience in managing situations. In the case presented it is clear to see that the employees have a genuine concern since even the supervisor is acknowledging it. Irritability is not something to take lightly particularly when it seems to have started all over sudden like in the case of Josh Randall.
The supervisor’s response to the employees’ concerns is not only unwarranted but unprofessional. The response though offers some light in regards to who Randall is by saying, “He’s just dealing with some personal stuff….” This means that something is wrong as he has actually changed. Nevertheless, Randall needs to be summoned on the matter. A construction industry requires people of sober mind (Loosemore et al. 2003). For this reason if he is having personal problems he should not let them affect his work and that of the colleagues.
Randall should be offered help in case it is within Bearden’s reach and seek counseling for his psychological wellbeing. It is important in such a case to offer him a leave to sort out his issues as he receives therapy (if necessary). This offers everyone a chance to breathe and reflect on what is best for the company and by the time he is back, it is highly possible that he would be a better person and not highly irritable.
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