CourseOrganization Communication – Assignment Example

Organization Communication Sales management deals with the achievement of industries sales objectives in a successful and well-organized method by way of proper preparation, recruitment, and guidance, leading & coordinating the industries resources. The main duties of the sales manager for department store consists of, communicate through store administration and selling office concerning company opportunities and sustain well-built consumer service outlook in the course of effective selection, guidance, inspiration and preservation of workers. “The communication is widely been accepted as the strategic business tool. Just as the accountant should know how to apply the math skills to the financial management.” (Corporate Communication Skill: Organization Communication).
So the properly managed individual and group task helps to attain the organization goal.
Group task:
Five tasks that would be best suited for group work are,
Product launch.
Marketing awareness campaign.
Marketing game
Sales planning and
Designing of advertisement.
In the case of group work it required to sit down in a common area and carry out work till at the time of completing the work.
Individual tasks:
Beside group work sales manager also assigned with various individual task too. Five important individual tasks are
Reply their doubts on the subject of the goods
Maintaining of sales record.
Sales of commodities.
Increase sales volume and productivity of the sales store.
Preserve store values
2. I have participated in the group task, which was a better suit for the individual, The work was the maintaining of the sales record. The sales record was the confidential record of the sales department, as they were kept confidentially only the sales executives were at a liberty to enter the data and in retrieving any information relating to sales.
As a team was performing the sales report had the reporting by every individual; and the recording of the data seemed to be moving erroneously, the individual sales code and the scores seems to be baffling and not understandable for the colleagues. The audit was announced at as year end, which inspected the each and the every report of the sales and marketing. The audit had to face an issue of credibility in the various operations that was conducted by the sales force and the authenticity in the reporting also has a concern.
The audit group had cross checked the software reports apart from that of the manual reports of the sales persons. The corruption and the mistake committed by the sales force is a big crime as the organization are concerned and the reputation of the organization gets affected by these kinds of practices.
As working for a sales record keeping, I do feel it was not the task to be handled by the group and it has to be carried out by a single person, and should be designated as a sales co-coordinator to look after the inbound and outbound sales activities of the organization.
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