Critical Incidents Response – Assignment Example

Answer: No In hostage situations, hostages are held for rational reasons. Kidnapping situations involve long-term negotiations leading to the payment of a ransom for the victim’s freedom (Wright, 2009, p.34). In kidnapping situations, police is mostly unaware of the location of hostages and the subject. Similarities include using subjection of hostages to obtain tangible benefits and involvement of police.
Answer: No: 3
Overt techniques involve methods used to collect criminal evidences. Examples include interviews and interrogations. Covert techniques are used to gather apprehend fraudsters using special techniques. Some of these techniques include audio or video recordings and discarded rubbish bags (Lyer & Samociuk, 2006, p.105). Undercover techniques are also used for gathering information. Examples include consensual monitoring and observation.
Answer: No: 6
Tier I conflicts are external conflicts that exist between organizations. Examples of these conflicts include support, coordination, and functional issues. Tier II conflicts are internal organizational conflicts. Examples include group thinking and cultural misunderstanding. Tier III conflict involves interpersonal conflicts such as team role issues or supervisor-subordinate issues (Vecchi, 2009).
Answer: N0: 7
Tier I critical incidents are the most complex crisis situations and involve two or more entities whereas Tier II conflicts involve only one entity. Tier I and Tier II conflicts are related to organizational conflicts. Tier I conflicts are related to inter-agency conflicts whereas Tier II conflicts are related to intra-agency conflicts. Difference between Tier I, II, and III conflicts is that Tier I and II are related to agency conflicts whereas Tier III involves interpersonal conflicts.
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