Critical Thinking Influence – Assignment Example

Critical Thinking The term critical thinking refers to one’s intellectual act of determining the reliability of an expressed view or argument. It involves an array of questioning and reasoning practices to identify the core portion of the specific issue. Obviously, critical thinking will influence one’s way of reading, writing, and process information.
Reading: Being a critical thinker, I can reach well-reasoned conclusions by collecting abstract ideas from the texts. Hereafter, my reading will not be a mere process of fun or strain.
Writing: The way critical thinking influence one’s writing is also almost same. A potential writer must be able to present his vision beyond the constraints or limitations of language. He knows the tactics to converge his internal vision with writing skills.
Process Information: To be a potential individual, I must develop the quality of critical thinking for gathering and processing information. The effectiveness of problem solving lies with the way we assess information.
Articles: Critical thinking will help one to analyze the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in an article.
Advertising: critical thinking is an inevitable quality for evaluating advertising. As everyone knows, exaggeration is common with every piece of advertising. Therefore, one should have clear idea of the extent to which advertising can be authentic.
Media: media also have to be approached with critical thinking because they also often reflect the opinion of various interest groups.
Conversations: Critical thinking will enable an individual to evaluate one’s personal integrity by closely observing conversation. The way people speak speaks about them.