Diary Extract Of Injustice Taking The Movie Shawshenk Redemption As Inspiration – Assignment Example

Diary Entry 18th June I am amazed how people endure so much injustice and unfairness in the workplace. There are people who love to oppress and control others by taking away their rights away which would cause only pain and misery. This is what had happened in today’s corporations who are exerting more and more control over their employees up to the extent of its private lives. Injustice and unfair treatment in the workplace nowadays are very rampant that should be given consideration. Reviewing the constitutional rights should be done beforehand before wishing to work for a corporation. The reason is simple: corporations are becoming a dictator that they wanted to control almost all aspects of its employee’s life. The worst is they are considering that the entire world is part of the workplace. This reality I could relate in the movie Shawshank Redemption, wherein Andy’s (main character) banking ability was being used by the prison officials for their own benefits. It trace back to the point that he was a prisoner, he had no rights to go against but to follow the illegal schemes. There is an injustice and it is unfair. If employees will complain and demand for their rights, employers will definitely and unjustly fire them. Therefore I conclude that there is an implied contract between the employee and the employer, that in order to stay in the workplace, the rights should be given up.
Employer’s only concern is how to get more and more money. Once they see that the employee is not anymore needed in the workplace because technology can, then it’s time to say bye. For example, in the factory, the employees are very hardworking and fast, but when the employer buy a new machine that could create an output equivalent to 5 employees at the same time, then the employees are fired because they are not anymore needed. The employer did not even try to think of the employees’ welfare and what will happen to the families that depend on them. Like in the movie, suppose to be Andy can be free from prison but because the warden did not want to, they killed his only hope. But before they discover that he was useful, they beat, raped and put him in solitary confinement. No one deserves the treatment like what had Andy experienced either in the penitentiary, workplace or of all places. Injustice and unfairness are very rampant, it is time to move, step up and do not be afraid to stand for what is just and fair.