Earth Geologically – Assignment Example

Earth: A Geologically Active Planet Simply, Wicander and Monroe described geology as “the study of Earth.” Specifically, it does not only involve thestudy of the Earth’s but also the other planets’ and moons’ physical and historical components and processes as well (4).
The processes that the Earth had undergone and is undergoing were and are the causes why it is dynamic, active and evolving. It continues to shape itself in accordance to the life-forms that exist in a certain and particular time the same way these life-forms shape themselves to the changes that the internal and external forces bring.
The processes that the Earth is undergoing commonly depend on the internal heat or external courses that mainly control the geological activities of the planet (“The terrestrial planets”). These processes include the activities of air, water, ice and living organisms or that which include earth movements, igneous activity and metamorphism such as earthquakes, tectonic movements, heat convection, volcanic eruptions (Holmes 30) that cause either a slow or fast movement that constantly shifts the Earth’s masses in different positions and the changing of its crust’s thickness deeming our planet as geologically active over time. Additionally, the presence of forces such as Earth’s magnetic field which was birthed due to the elements that compose the Earth’s core and the gravitational force set off same effects that make Earth a geologically active place where life of its inhabitants is sustained and balanced.
Being geologically active, it is assumed that the Earth today is not the Earth before. Over time, the geological properties and processes have caused immeasurable changes that have made present Earth as it is compared to what it was.
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