Entrepreneurship Discussion Question And Marketing Research Discussion Question – Assignment Example

Entrepreneurship & Marketing Research Impact of Entrepreneurial Firms Brief analysis of the studies has indicated that entrepreneurial firms play a crucial role in the economic development of society. In specific, experts have recognized the importance of entrepreneurial firms by considering them a platform of majority of educated individuals of the society. In other words, entrepreneurial firms (Hall, pp. 23-25) provide a huge number of opportunities to graduates to acquire career and contribute in enhancement of economic growth of the society. On the other hand, entrepreneurial firms provide a social framework to the society by providing a sense of responsibility to stakeholders associated with such firms. In addition, experts believe that entrepreneurial firms will be the true leaders of coming decades, and they will have the power to alter the world of business, and subsequently, the whole society. Furthermore, survey reports (Landstorm, pp. 39-44) have mentioned that more entrepreneurial firms are in process of creation, and thus, it will result in positive impact on the society in terms of economic benefits from such firms.
Survey Questions
Interval Scale:
Please rate the level of satisfaction of limousine drive:
1-Excellent 2-Very Good 3-Good 4-Average 5-Not Satisfying
Ordinal Scale -
Please rank the types of limousine of preference from worst to best
SV-1 _______
SV-2 _______
SV-3 _______
SV-4 _______
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