Enviromental Sustainability – Assignment Example

[Manager] 30 August Question: What does it mean to buy carbon offsets, and why is that an uncertain approach or solution to climate change?
Answer: Global warming and green house effects have become a very popular issue nowadays which has gained a lot of importance among various social groups, businesses and individuals at a global level. Carbon offsets have become a very popular way for individuals and businesses to participate in the efforts to control global warming. A carbon offset is a financial instrument which is purchased by individuals and businesses which allows them to balance out their contribution in producing global warming, such as producing something which releases carbon di oxide or driving or flying, while the funds generated from the sale of carbon offset would be utilized in production of environment friendly projects such as wind mills etc, which produce clean energy. Hence, by purchasing carbon offsets, the individuals and businesses get legal permission to produce a certain level of pollution or global warming as they are also paying for the betterment of the environment in the form of carbon offsets.
Although the concept of carbon offsets is good as industries can never become 100% environmentally friendly, hence it is a better approach to charge them for the harm they cause to the environment and with the money efforts can be made to balance the effect by producing environment friendly products. However, the overall impact on the climate change would still be uncertain and ineffective. The reason for this is that first of all, by buying and selling of carbon offsets, the only change that is happening is that the amount and volume of pollution first purchased by one industry is being transferred to another industry that purchases the carbon offsets. Hence, the overall effect is still zero. Moreover, although the concept of carbon offsets might help in curbing the future global warming hazards but there is no remedy for the already impact which has been made on the climate prior to the concept of carbon offsets..