Environmental Scanning Assignment 3 – Assignment Example

Environmental Scanning: SeaWorld Entertainment Affiliation Recently SeaWorld Entertainment has been on the spotlight after the release of “Blackfish” a documentary about whales in captivity. This documentary has provided a rallying point for individuals opposing the usage of killer whales for entertainment. “Blackfish” has unfortunately drawn considerable attention and audience in theaters and on television stations (Cieply, 2014, February 27, p35).
With the release of “Blackfish” the stock of SeaWorld Entertainment Company might experience declining in the stock market (Kumar, 2014, July 18, p20). The quarterly earnings from the theme parks will shrink considerably. The immediate cause of this reduced earning is the decline of attendance to the parks and closure of the parks for investigations. People will be reluctant to attend the otherwise popular show owing the recent media coverage (Kumar, 2014, July 18, p25).
I have recommended a fierce public relations campaign to counteract the documentary and protect the corporate image of SeaWorld Entertainment Company. The campaign is designed to dilute the effects caused by the documentary from our customers and investors. I have incorporated an unusual open letter to movie critics regarding some of the issues addressed in “Blackfish” in the campaign. The letter to the critics contains among other things evidence, proving the misleading nature of the documentary. The company should deliver a complaint to Labour Department. The complaint should accuse the filming of orca’s 2010 fatal attack of SeaWorld trainer as violation of ethics and violation of privacy. The complaint will also address the breach of contract by the trainer who leaked the information to the creators of “Blackfish” ( Cieply, 2014, February 27, p40).
The company can employ a silent strategy and do nothing to discredit the documentary. The main aim of this strategy is using the publicity as a marketing tool for the company. The release of the documentary can have positive outcomes with increased ticket sales to see the whales behind the documentary (Cieply, 2014, February 27, p40). The Increased interests in marine mammal park due to the media coverage can be turned in the company’s publicity advantage. This strategy will only be possible if the investors are convinced that the matter is not a threat to the company’s image and profitability.
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