Ethics And Mass Communication – Assignment Example

Ad Local Source This advertisement can be found in April 2009 edition of ”The Economist”. In this ad a woman is shown in man’s feet. This ad does more to degrade women than to promote Gucci’s apparel. It aggravates the debate in the society whether we consider men to be superior or whether the society holds men and women equal. Since recent values and morals of a person see men and women as equal, this ad degrades the status of women and will be really offensive to women of all regions. There are various NGOs and media advocating women rights and telling the people that men and women are equal. This ad delivers a different and more controversial message and hence many people will find it against their value system and personal morals and as a result this ad is unethical.
Ad # 2: International source (

PETA is a society that claims to be working against the unethical treatment of animals. However, in order to support their campaign they use women and make full use of sexism. This unethical because the ads try to use images and half-nude women, this is not acceptable in society these days. This against is against the values and morals of people and many people will think that it is again degrading women by using them as sex symbols.