Ethnography – Assignment Example

One Relationship Too Many: An Ethnography of Romantically Involved Co-Workers Many romantic relationships begin with a working relationship. However, most companies have rules prohibiting romantic involvement between co-workers and especially between salaried and hourly, rival departments, etc. My ethnography will explore the nature of the formation and discovery of employee romantic relationships and include information about the frequency of romantic involvements, the punishments (if any) after discovery, and perceptions based upon the hierarchies of gender, race, sexual orientation, salaried and hourly, etc. If similar cases have different results, then it would be necessary to make a short comparison and contrast to see what workplace aspects produced the different results, i.e. segue into a case study’s specific shifts in work productivity during the co-workers’ romantic involvement. Throughout the paper, field research will be conducted using various options, including- but not limited to- case studies, statistical integration, and other relevant supporting data from the fields of Psychology and Sociology, for example.