Explain The Importance And Process Of Validating A Case On KeyCite Or Sheppard's Service – Assignment Example

The Importance and the Process of Validating a Case The main reason for validating any research work is to assess that a case, statute or any other legal authority remains good law. According to the doctrine of precedent, a court shall refer to the judgment of a case in case the same elements of another case are encountered (Elizabeth, 1999). During validation, one uses citatory services to identify where and to illustrate how legal authority has been used or referred by other authorities. There are two of these citatory services namely; Shepards Citations and KeyCite citations. Bearing in mind that both services are available online, they provide an efficient and an updated way of validating one’s research than sources available in print. Searching for any case in print using both methods highlighted are often labor intensive and time consuming (Elizabeth, 1999).
The Process Using Shepards Citations Online
Once one is signed in the LexisNexis website, the citation is entered in the dialog box and finally, selecting on the Shepards for validation helps search subsequent history and citing references which determines whether the authority been tested is still viable. Various tools are available on the FOCUS feature for specific search and they include: one may select by the type of the document, a head note, date among other available tools. Results have been tailor made and one simply needs to follow the guideline for the results. A red button for example means a negative treatment for the statute indicated. Although checking for validation online is fast and efficient, must law researchers prefer the printed references for citations (Sharom, 2010).
The Process of Validation Using the Keycite Method
Once one is signed in the Westlaw site, the citation is typed in the KeyCite this citation. All the materials that have referenced the citation can be used and are actually hyperlinked in case of a deep search. Once the citation is verified, a flag appears on the website window indicating the outcome of the citation; in case a red flag is indicated, it means that the case is no longer a good law on at least one of its points. Both methods in the long run prevent the reinvention of the wheel in cases that are repeatedly encountered (Elizabeth, 1999).
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