Genre – Assignment Example

Genre http http http This genre analysis examines sports blogs. While the blogs chosenall are of varying degrees of development and complexity, with the first chosen blog – Deadspin – being significantly more built than the simpler Footballblog, there still remain genre conventions that are inherent of them all. Considered structurally the blogs follow conventions inherent to most blogs, namely a structure wherein stories are placed along a vertical scrolling structure with the newest stories appearing towards the top of the page. While footballblog has a very simplistic structure, the other two blogs feature a horizontal at top with either a choice of team to choose from, or some of the most popular stories from the past weeks.
When considering the content in terms of genre conventions the blogs seem to follow a few main areas of interest. Notably there is an element that greatly mirrors the conventions of the celebrity gossip blog. For instance, a perusal of the recent stories contains entries on the owner of a basketball team – Mark Cuban – and money he owes a famous movie star – Don Johnson. Other entries contain what might be considered ‘legitimate’ interest stories, one indicating that a retired football player will begin as a sportscaster for a local sports network. Another section of content is specifically concerned with the game. In these regards, many entries contain detailed reports on who is injured, which teams are desperate for victories, and even detailed statistics on how the teams performed in their recent meetings. It’s clear through this that a great degree of the sports blog genre is devoted to fans seeking information that is related to gambling, or fantasy sports leagues, wherein team and player statistics play an important role. Finally, another convention concerns stories that mock or put-down coaches and players for their subpar performance in game time situations. One can assume this is motivated by the betting nature of the readership, as well as the competitive nature of sports.