Government And Business – Assignment Example

1) It is definitely the case that because of corruption in third world countries, the processes of Globalization benefit the few instead of the many.This is evident from the Bhopal case because the accident happened due to inadequate safety standards and lax regulations that allowed the local plant operators to get away with sub-standard procedures. Globalization cannot succeed unless the Achilles heel of corruption is negated. This is my take on this opinion.
2) It is my firm belief that Globalization encourages corruption and I am not in full agreement with this opinion. The fact that there exist OECD guidelines against corruption does not mean that they are followed. On the other hand, most of the principles are violated with impunity by the executives of global multinationals themselves. Blaming the local governments for such cases is meaningless.
3) It is not enough to have rules and regulations governing industrial safety. They have to be enforced as well. This is my view after reading this opinion and though the author points to lax local governments who subverted laws because of corruption, it is very much the case that unless there is concerted action to implement the OECD principles, there are going to be Bhopal type of incidents happening. Hence, there is a need for tougher enforcement of the laws for globalization to succeed.
4) I am in concurrence with this opinion that globalization is encouraging corruption. Though blame can be equally laid on the multinationals as well as the local governments, it is nonetheless the reality that corrupt third world governments are being propped up due to globalization. This is the reality in third world countries and hence unless the OECD principles are followed in letter and spirit, incidents such as the Bhopal tragedy would continue to occur leading to the common people suffering.