Great Achievments Discussion – Assignment Example

Your full September 7, Great Achievements Discussion It was the National Academy of Engineering (NSE) itself, working in collaboration with various engineering professional societies and lead by chairperson, George M. C. Fisher, and president, Wm. A. Wulf, that developed the NAE list of Great Achievements. This can be proved by citing Wulf (2000) who, on the 2000 NAE Annual Meeting, stated: “Poised as we are between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it is the perfect moment to reflect on the accomplishments of engineers in the last century and ponder the challenges facing them in the next”. Selected by NAE and announced by former astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the list of twenty Great Achievements of the twentieth century depicts a comprehensive spectrum of human struggle.
2) From a layman’s perspective, the criterion for the selection of the Great Achievements should be the technicality and complexity of use of each product. It is not so. The key criterion for their selection is: what is the level of ease of use of an achievement and to what extent it has simplified the lives of common people. There is no one achievement in NAE’s list that has not improved people’s quality of life.
3) I would like the ‘cellphone’ to be included in the NAE list. The reason for this is that the cellphone technology has not only improved the lifestyle of people but has also provided ease of use due to its user friendliness. It has shortened distances. The mode of communication offered by cellphone is way better than the nineteenth century communication techniques.
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