HISTORY – Assignment Example

A Great Vision for a Republic In 1788 the Constitution of the United s of America was ratified and replaced the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States of America was founded as a loose confederation of states. However, the central government created by the Articles of Confederation lacked the authority to levy taxes and regulate interstate commerce. This hindered the central government in carrying out its duties and ensuring the continued unity of our nation. The Constitution was drafted to remedy these problems and created a stronger centralized government. Although the delegates at the Philadelphia Convention failed to resolve the issue of slavery (Goldfield et al. 188), they succeeded in creating a republic with an effective central government that persists to this day. The continued existence of the government created by the Constitution illustrates the vision of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention.
In a world of monarchies, the delegates created a stronger central government without destroying the democratic ideals of the young republic. One of the strongest examples of the delegates vision was the inclusion of a method for amending the Constitution. Although some of the articles of the Constitution may seem bigoted and undemocratic to contemporary citizens, it is important to remember what the rest of the world was like when the Constitution was drafted and ratified. The delegates provided a mechanism to amend the Constitution, and amendments were later passed to end slavery, extend suffrage to all men and women, and protect individual liberties through the Bill of Rights. The delegates also gave the federal government the authority to levy taxes (Goldfield et al. 189). This has allowed the federal government to collect revenue to fulfill its duties to the states and to the citizens. The authority to regulate interstate trade has allowed the federal government to resolve commercial disputes between the states (Goldfield et al. 189). These three attributes of the Constitution have allowed democratic government to flourish in the United States.
The spread of democratic governments around the world following the ratification of the Constitution further demonstrates the vision of the men that drafted the Constitution. Our republic set an example for the other nations of the world. Most world leaders now answer to the people rather than acting by divine right. Despite some of the shameful details of our history and the struggles that threatened to tear apart our republic, our nation has persisted and become better at representing all citizens. Although the government we have today may not be what those delegates envisioned at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787, our nation and our world would not be what is it is today without the vision those men had when they drafted the Constitution.
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