Hometips – Assignment Example

of Subjuect 25 May A Review of www.hometips.com Accessing the web more a wealth of information is becoming more advantageous to web surfers. As the e-business burgeons with adverts, this also means that varied contents are now free to access on-line, saving consumers time and money. From on-line travel agencies to on-line recipe books, the net is now a destination for knowledge. I looked closely at the content of www.hometips.com. Dedicated to at-home handymen, the site contained instructions ranging from simple to complex tasks in installations for any house maker. I chose to review an instruction on “How to Frame a Doorway”. In order to lay out my review clearly, I will divide this review into two. The first part will discuss the advantages of this site. The latter will be pointing out some things that can be improved on by the content provider.
Advantages of www.hometips.com. The author of the instructions managed to write detailed instructions without being too wordy. In just half a page and three short paragraphs, the instruction managed to lay down the preparations needed for the task as well as to headline the importance of having exact measurements for the success of the installation. The website is dedicated to giving out handyman tips, and how the site is specialized make it easy to find in the browser. It does not contain a hodge podge of information and it very navigatable. It also has a forum page within the site where people can discuss issues further.
Disadvantages of the instructions at www.hometips.com. As helpful as this website is, there are some rooms for improvement. First, visual demonstrations will be helpful in following the installation steps. Also, the tips could have been in a numbered or bulleted form in order for the reader to follow the steps better.
All in all, hometips.com is still a useful site and is a URL that I can recommend for simple house repairs and installations.
“How to Frame a Doorway”. www.hometips.com. Web. 25 May. 2010