Homework – Assignment Example

a) Briefly explain why Mercury, Venus, and the Moon do not have significant erosion. Mercury, Venus, and the Moon do not show significant erosion because of atmospheric conditions. The absence of water on these bodies greatly reduces the amount of erosion force in weather patterns. Although they may possess certain climatic conditions such as wind, the relatively lower mass of gases as compared to liquid water is minimal. Liquid water is denser; therefore, it exerts greater force per volume while in motion. The greater the force is in a combination fluid-static system; the greater the erosion action of a liquid material upon a solid.
(b) Relate erosion activity to planetary size and distance from the Sun.
Erosion activity relates both to planetary size and distance from the Sun. It relates to planetary size with respect to gravity -- the larger the planet with respect to mass, the greater the gravitational attraction. If the plant is too large atmospheric pressures lock liquid water to ice. The closer to the Sun a planet may be to the Sun; the less likely it is able to hold onto water because increasing temperature tends to turn water into vapor that escapes the planets’ gravitation. As such, these measures are interactive with respect to the presence of liquid water which is the primary factor in developing significant erosion forces on a planet.