Homework – Assignment Example

Answer: No JIT manufacturing is extremely important for any company to achieve success in today’s competitive world. Crystal asserts, “Just-in-time manufacturing is a strategy used in the business manufacturing process to reduce costs by reducing the in-process inventory level”. The main reasons behind decreased levels of productivity for the companies include incapable processes, far located suppliers, and ineffective production planning. Location of suppliers plays an integral role in the successful implementation of JIT system in a company. The companies whose suppliers are located at distant places must take appropriate steps to speed up their manufacturing processes. Some of the most effective steps include ending the contracts with inefficient far located suppliers and selecting efficient and resourceful suppliers for the company located close to the manufacturing plant. Short distance suppliers are very important for the companies as they help in increasing the pace of production whereas long distances result in delaying the manufacturing processes.
Answer: No: 2
In order to create the organizational climate for successful JIT implementation, I would first highlight the need and purpose of implementing JIT manufacturing policy in our company. I would also educate the employees and management of the company about the benefits of quick manufacturing, which include quality improvement, cost reduction, waste elimination, increased productivity, better supplier relationships, and increased profits for the company. After creating the awareness of effectiveness of JIT implementation, I would make use of some JIT software packages because they not only facilitate in controlling the performance in real-time but also help in analyzing the team efficiency.
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