Homework For Business Ethics And Environments Course – Assignment Example

American Health Benefits Exchanges are based entities that provide a way for individuals and small businesses to buy affordable health coverage. Individuals earning from 133% to 400% of the poverty level income will be eligible to buy their health coverage at the Health Benefits Exchange. Small businesses with less than 50 employees will also be able to purchase health coverage for their employees at business exchanges. The idea behind the Health Benefits Exchange is to provide a common place for the uninsured to buy health insurance at a fixed price. 32 million Americans that are currently uninsured will be able to gain coverage either through an exchange that offers individual coverage or through their employer’s access to an exchange.
Employers that have fifty or more employees that do not offer insurance will need to pay a fee of $2000 for each employee. Employers with more than fifty employees that offer coverage will but have at least one employee that qualifies for a premium tax credit will pay the lesser of $2000 for each employee or $3000 for each employee receiving a tax credit. Employers that have employees paying more than 8% of their income for insurance premiums through the company plan must allow them to opt for insurance through a Health Benefits Exchange. Employers that employ more than 200 people are required by law to enroll employees in a health care program. Employees will have the choice to opt out.
I do not feel that employers should be required to foot the bill for health coverage. This is a benefit that employers offer as an incentive for employees. Health care does need to be available to all in America, but placing restrictive measures like penalties on businesses for not offering health coverage is not the best way to do it. Our system does not work well, and now all we have done is make a poorly functioning system even bigger.
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