HR Ch3.homework – Assignment Example

The Alexander Hamilton Institute The Alexander Hamilton Institute, which moved from to, provides a range of information on employment law. The website includes limited, but broad, coverage of topics that are not specific to particular industries. These topics include everything from hiring and termination to benefits and training. The Alexander Hamilton Institute also offers a range of training courses for human resources professionals.
Despite the information provided on the website, it is a bit disappointing that their business model relies on paid access. In this day and age, it is reasonable to suspect that most of the information you can pay to access at can be obtained free of charge elsewhere. Although they offer free reports for users that set up a free account, they do not provide any complete reports as a teaser before you sign up. The lack of advertising on the site leads me to believe that any free reports would either be very limited or not very useful. It is obvious that this website makes money by charging for content.
The most interesting section of the website is the message board which does not require an account to view and is presumably accessible with a free account. However, the users of the message board appear to be general employees rather than HR professionals. This is another reason why I dont think a pay for access model works for the website. The website is clearly attracting a large number of people that are interested in employment law because they are having problems with their employers. These users are not going to pay to view reports on good policies when what they are really interested in is if their employer is breaking the law and what remedies are available.