Human Resource/Discussion Immediate Termination – Assignment Example

Immediate termination I don’t necessarily agree with the entire ment. I do agree that insubordination is an issue that should not be regularly tolerated in the workplace. What I don’t believe is that the issue is black and white. I think there are a lot of gray areas that need to be considered. If these gray areas are not discussed or investigated prior to dismissal they definitely will be if they are brought to court. There have been many times that an employee has been terminated and has felt that they were justified or excused for showing less than agreeable behavior. There have also been many times in which the judge has agreed with the employee and the company has had to pay a great deal of money in compensation.
In this day and age you can never be too careful. Documentation can be key. I think that in order to cover your bases a small trail of documents need to be built up against an ‘insubordinate’ employee. Some instances of subordination, such as a milder first time occurrence, could be totally situational. Perhaps a death in the family, an illness or workplace bullying lead to the employee’s behavior. If an employee is immediately terminated, without meeting with the supervisor and director to discuss the reasons behind their behavior, then there is a chance that a couple of months down the road that same employer could find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit. One point to remember is that directors don’t always know how their supervisor treated the employee. Perhaps he/she was treated quite poorly which lead to an eventual retaliation.
A final point I have on gray areas I that what is deemed insubordinate to one employer may not be deemed insubordinate to another. I do believe that there could be instances where a supervisor could misjudge or misinterpret insubordination. I also believe that if an employee is working for several employers, each who tolerate a different type of behavior, there could be room for confusion. Perhaps one employer/supervisor thrives on sarcastic jokes and another employer thinks this is disrespectful. Sarcasm that was acceptable in one situation could look like insubordination in another.
As you can see I do believe that insubordination is a negative force in the workplace but I do not believe it is black and white. There needs to be room for discussion, understanding, consistency, and ‘gray areas’!