Identify At Least Two Arguments In The Article – Assignment Example

The first argument in the article is about the irrationality of fear for the 9/11 incident since the argued that people reacted irrationally to the 9/11 due to the number of deaths. The premise that the skeptical author gave is that 1) more people die in major calamities in some parts of the world 2) a large amount of Americans die monthly due to automobile crashes in different states 3) the post-attack reports state that the actual number of deaths is less than what was previously claimed. Because of such premises, writer concludes that the American people themselves are responsible for their irrational fear causing hysteria. Moreover, the author also considered malice as the main driver why people are fearful of the incident. However, this would be refuted in the end of the essay when the author asserts that people close to us are more dangerous when they are behind the wheel. The premises can be considered true since the writer have done his homework by sourcing out statistical facts.
The second argument that was given is that the government spends billions of dollars was appropriated in spending for counter-terrorism measures much to the dismay and inconvenience of the public. The premises given were 1) establishment of Department of Homeland Security that pens billions of dollars 2) costly program to support airlines that had failed revenue after attack 3) National Guard was utilized to patrol airports 4) airport security measures have been very strict. These are strong deductive arguments that lead to a conclusion that national expenditure could have been allocated to better programs such as making the highways a safer place for commuters.
In conclusion, the two arguments can be considered as deductively valid since they are supported by true premises as attested by the statistical data or information given by the author. Thereby, the arguments can be considered strong since the true premises leads to a truthful conclusion. The essay then is a good piece of writing establishing the authors point that the American people have held irrational fears after the 9/11 event.
Moore, B. N., & Parker, R. (2007). Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11, ppendix 1. Critical Thinking (8th ed., pp. 456-458). California: Mcgraw-Hill.