Introduction To Project Management Assignment#1 – Assignment Example

I.T Project Management I.T Project Management In 1990, the of Washington launched an information technology project that it aimed to help it automate license renewal and vehicle registration processes. However, the project was a failure and on March of 1997, the state stopped it permanently. The state had named the project, License Application Mitigation Project (LAMP). At first, the state estimated the project to cost 16 million U.S dollars but the cost increased over time (Lucie, 2011). In 1992, the projected cost was 41.8 million U.S dollars and by 1993, it had climbed to 51 million U.S dollars. In 1997, the state estimated the project cost to be 67.5 million U.S dollars. The cost of fitting the system was uncontrollable thus, forcing the state to exterminate the project. Again, the state projected that the project maintenance would be costly than for the incumbent system (Lock, 2007)..
Failure of LAMP is attributed to the state did not correctly manage the scope of the project. It expected too much from the project. Instead of breaking down the project into small and measurable sizes, the state wanted to apply the system at once. It thus made several changes, which constantly altered the course of the project that consequently delayed it.
Secondly, the state did not manage the project well. Political appointees and a number of elected officials supervised the project. The officials had no technical knowledge of the project. Again, the project was not the main concern for them. They did not care much about the project as seen in the way the project was showing negative signs yet they did nothing. The management did not want to perceive that the project was a failure. They assumed things were all right yet they were not. The state could have hired professional to oversee the project. Coupled with the management issue was the split between the private industry contractor and the in-house developers. The fact ensured the project was a failure
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