Islam – Assignment Example

1. Muhammad Muhammad’s father died before he was born and his mother followed when he was six. This let in the custody of his Uncles. Due to his status of an orphan, Muhammad was trained by his Uncles to be a merchant. During his time as a merchant Muhammad travelled on what is today Saudi Arabia. During this time he met a Christian monk that predicted he would become a prophet.
Muhammad is compared to Moses and Jesus as a prophet in his own right. Muhammad believed that Jesus Christ was a prophet, not the messiah. Muhammad believed that a lot of good points were used in Christianity. He just believed that the people got it wrong by seeing Jesus as a messiah. Only one God existed, Allah.
Muhammad united the tribes of the Saudi Arabian peninsula. The desert nomads and tribesmen needed to unite due to the harsh desert environment. Since Muhammad united the tribesmen, the need for a successor after his death was important. This successor would help the tribesmen remain united. The Islam faith still strongly unites the Arabs in the Middle East.
2. Shiite and Sunni Visions
Shi’ites believe that Muhammad’s and people related to Muhammad had power to command the people. These leaders are called Imams. So if an Imam dictates something that is opposed to Muhammad’s teachings, the Imam would justify the practice by stating that as Imam they have the power. The Imams interpret Muhammad’s word and the Qu’ran. Sunni believe that the teachings of the Qu’ran.
3. Expansion
Some of the internal features of Islam that contributed to Islam’s attraction are the certainty of heaven by following certain steps. These five steps are praying toward the East five times a day, stating Muhammad is a prophet of Allah¸ there is only one God, Allah, making a Haji and so forth. If these steps are completed heaven can be achieved. In Christianity one must accept Jesus into their heart. This is a very vague concept. In Islam the steps are very specific. Confessing that there is one God, praying five times a day, and making a Haji are very specific steps. This is very attractive especially for someone that is unsure.