Jop Anlyises – Assignment Example

Job Analysis: Assistant Manager, HR Business Identification Section Position Assistant Human Resources Manager Department: Human Resources EEOC Class: O/M
Reports To: Human Resources Manager FLSA Status: Exempt
General Summary: Assists the Human Resources Manager in overseeing HR compliance of the organization in terms of laws and policies and in implementing critical functions of human resources such as job organization, acquisition, maintenance, development and research.
Essential Job Functions:
1. Assists in the analysis and evaluation of each job in the organization with the collaboration of managers and assistant managers in other departments; (10%)
2. Oversees acquisition of human resources through ensuring balanced staffing against retirement of personnel with appropriate schedules for recruiting, screening and interviewing potential applicants for various positions in the organization; (20%)
3. Ensures maintenance function of human resources are effectively undertaken – worker orientation, physical working conditions, motivation, performance evaluation, compensation administration, management-labor relations, and movement. (20%)
4. Registers, traces, and insures individual progress through continued job proficiency, training, career growth, and individual guidance; (15%)
5. Conducts crucial research in current issues on human resources management to assist in decision-making processes involving human resources; (10%)
6. Ensures maintenance of complete personnel files with relevant updates on violations, promotions, and other employee activities affecting future movements; (10%)
7. Assists in compliance with labor policies and laws as prescribed by the state and federal offices concerning human resources governance; (15%)
8. Performs other duties related to human resources management, as required by the HR manager.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of HR policies, HR practices, HR-related laws and regulations
Knowledge of company policies, procedures, products and services
Knowledge of management functions, principles and policies
Skill in operating office equipment such as personal computer, software and IT systems
Skill in oral and written communication
Skill in negotiation to resolve HR conflicts
Ability to correspond with various stakeholders in a courteous and professional manner
Ability for time management in terms of prioritization of tasks and responsibilities
Ability to identify critical details and screen information for accuracy in reports
Ability to identify, outline and recommend alternative courses of action needed by HR manager in decision making
Ability to create appropriate working environment conducive to enhanced employee productivity towards the achievement of organizational goals