Kennedy New Frontier Plan – Assignment Example

New Frontier Kennedy in his 1960 speech used the term New Frontier for a new vision which he saw for the United s of America. Kennedy believed that he could change the overall concept of legislations in America and could help it to further improve its grounds. By New Frontier he meant that he saw a great revolution coming to America which would help America to further stabilize itself. In his speech he mentioned a space program which was quite successful.
Kennedy wanted a new America which would give equal rights to all the individuals living in America. He passed legislations which helped the poor and rich both. Kennedy supported a medical plan which could not be successful at that time but in the twenty first century it can be clearly seen that those medical plans were right on the track. He wanted America to prosper such that all the individuals of America benefitted from it. Many of his legislations which were not approved by Congress at that time were analyzed to be quite on the track and some of them were even approved by the next presidents.
Everything that Kennedy wanted to see in American can now be seen in it as the condition of America has improved ever since. The initiatives that he took in the 1960s helped America to strengthen its economy which further has helped it till date. In my view the term New Frontier which was used by Kennedy meant a new vision for the whole of America.