Leadership – Assignment Example

Answer The supervisor, in this case, did the right thing to assign Porter with a set of tasks for the day. It is one of the greatest qualities of a leader to make his team members work towards the goals and objectives single-mindedly. The supervisor, by his act, made it clear to porter that fulfilling the job responsibilities should be the primary concern for every team member, and anything else goes secondary. Here, one thing should be clear that the supervisor did not actually stop Porter from sharing the news with his co-workers; rather he wanted Porter to concentrate on his job during the work hours and share the news with his coworkers after work. This attitude of a supervisor affects the team’s performance in a positive way because the team members start recognizing the importance of task completion. Dan Porter had won the lottery, which was good news for him. However, he could have also shared the news with his co-workers after the completion of assigned tasks. Winning a lottery is a personal issue for a person and one should not give priority to personal issues over duties and obligations. Integrity and dedication are two of the most important leadership traits. Leaders are vision-driven and they think differently (Ukpaka, 2009). The attitude of the supervisor educated the team members the importance of dedication and commitment towards the work. Had Porter gone on sharing the news with his co-workers during the work hours, it would have resulted in diverting the attention of his co-workers from their assigned tasks. Therefore, I would say that the supervisor showed good leadership skills by putting the need for task completion before anything else.
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