Leadership – Assignment Example

Leadership Overview Power is the ability to influence others to do what a person wants others to do whereas when ity is exercised in order to persuade and mobilize others to work then it is called influence.
Can influence and power coexist? Can you exercise influence only if you have power?
Yes, power and influence can coexist. The concept of power is related to leadership as it is part of the influence process. Power would be there with the people only if they have the capability to affect or influence others belief, attitude and course of actions. Leadership involves influence that is concerned with how the leader affects the followers. It is to be bear in mind that influence is the sine qua non of leadership. There is no existence of leadership if there is no influence. Personal power is the influence capacity that the leader derives from being seen by the follower as likeable or knowledgeable (Northhouse, 2009).
If the leader doesn’t have the power then he will not be able to influence others. The essence of leadership occurs in the process of influencing. For instance, influence means design of one person action in order to change the other person belief, values, and attitude. It is to be noted that power is inherent in leadership relationship, the reason being leadership as the process of influence. The leader’s potential and capability to influence others, to give them a reason to follow, is directed from the leader’s base of power (DeGrosky, 2010).
Power and influence are correlated. In the absence of one the other can’t exist. Influence can be exercised by the leaders only if they have power to do so.
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