Leadership – Assignment Example

Leaders need to change their leadership style to accommo regional and cultural diversity. Compare the differences in leadership styles needed to manage diversity among teams in America versus Middle Eastern countries
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The leadership styles within America entail of a hierarchical approach where the work gets done in a formal way. The same is not the case within the Middle Eastern countries where the emphasis is solely bent on getting the work done by any means. Hence the aspect of leadership comes about in a very apparent way in both the regions of the world. In America, the leadership style is such that the central basis remains supreme whereas employees are governed by more than a single leader within the domains of the Middle Eastern countries. There is a great amount of rift that comes along with such leaders in essence. The culture within the two regions is very contrasting as America focuses on setting things right and passing on the information with complete control at each stage, while within the Middle Eastern countries, this does not happen in a free-flowing way (Fabian 2004). The leadership style within America banks on experience and intuition while in the Middle Eastern countries, the leadership regimes are based on family hierarchies and the passing on of the leadership baton to people that are close to the leaders themselves. The latter is a classic case of appointing incompetent people within the leadership positions – a fact that has been proven with the passage of time. Hence it can be suggested that America has a better leadership regime in place while Middle Eastern nations lag far behind. There is a great amount of improvement that has to be done within the Middle Eastern countries so that they could touch the American levels in the coming times.
Fabian, N (2004). Leadership-What Is It and Are You Headed for It? Journal of Environmental Health, Vol. 67