Leadership – Assignment Example

Leadership Leadership Introduction HR Manager Steve has the task of ensuring that employees follow the timings policy but in spite of repeated attempts, he could not ensure compliance. The problem concerns leadership practice involving authority, team work, co-operation and behavior change.
Company policies are accepted by the employees when they are convinced of their importance and logic, duly backed by the possibility of punishment for violation. Only line managers can visit rewards or punishments on the staff directly working under their control. HR Department is a staff function that can advise but rarely enforce its policies on other departments. Steve is unable to get positive response for his repeated efforts simply because he has no line authority over either the heads of departments or over the staff. The fact that some of the functional heads are themselves guilty of flouting the rules indicates a communication failure as well.
Participative leadership style is the only option for Steve (Anon, changingminds.org, 2010). He has to convince the defaulting departmental-heads as to why the timing policy is important, discuss the benefits produced by the other departments that are following the policy, and remind all of them, about the corporate policy that does not tolerate policy violations by employees, much less by the group leaders. To effectively communicate this message, Steve should organize a group discussion, allow free exchange of views and at the same time secure
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support for his efforts from those that are maintaining work timings. By convincing the departmental heads of the need to follow the policy, he can transfer the onus of implementing it to them and offer the assistance of his staff in the process.
Work place problems can arise due to lack of authority to solve them, insufficient/ineffective communication and team-spirit within a group and among groups. HR Department can exercise participative leadership style to solicit support and compliance for its policies.
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