Leadership – Assignment Example

There are countless individuals who have resigned from good organizations because they are frustrated with their immediate superior or their boss. A recent example of which is Jürgen Mettepenningen who resigned as the primary spokesperson of the Catholic church in Belgium. Apparently, the person does not agree with the statements made by his own boss -Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard regarding homosexuality and sexual abuse ( Miller, J. , Wall Street Journal, Nov 2010). In the secular world, respected professionals have quit their jobs because they simply cannot stand their immediate supervisor’s personality or attitude. In Herzberg’s theory of motivation, there are two distinct elements that cause employee dissatisfaction: supervision and relationship with the boss. This has been proven true by countless cases similar to the aforementioned article. It is compelling then to retrain the managers towards good leadership. Nowadays, transformational leadership is possible as long as you have the right people.
Assuming that I am the CEO of a large organization, the most plausible step to make is to reevaluate the existing manager’s relationship with their subordinates. First, I can start creating an organizational culture that would create a healthy working environment where employees would trust their boss. As long as there is mistrust, support from the employees would be a failure even if I try motivating the people with financial incentives. Another way to increase job satisfaction is to distribute tasks that are meaningful to employees. However, this must be supported by an immediate supervisor or boss that would willingly take the role of a mentor. Increasing job satisfaction in a workplace maybe a challenge but as long as team leaders are willing to learn, this can be achieved.
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