Letter And Memo Paper Extra Credit Assignment – Assignment Example

Letter and Memo Paper -The Open Forum Letter
June 29, 2010
The Denver Post,
101 W.Colfax Ave., Suite 600,
Denver, CO 80202.
Dear Sir,
The BP oil slick, in the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, has indeed been an issue of a controversial nature in recent times, raging unabatedly for more than 70 days. Already the British owned BP has spent around $2.65 billion in costs, containment measures and claim settlements. Yet it would be presumptuous to believe that the spill is under control. A lot has been done, no doubt, but a lot still remains to be done.
The cartoon which is being taken up is that of “Latest Effort from BP” - 06/13/2010 (Ref Num:86940)
As a nature lover, I completely agree with how Mike Keefe portrayed the efforts to halt the oil spill in ‘Soaking Oil Spill Up with Pelicans’. The situation is critical because major environmental damage has been caused, not only to the local areas where this accident occurred, but also for the fear that strong winds and storms could cause it to spread to nearby states also, thus causing environmental damages to neighboring regions too. So far, massive cleanup and mopping operations including ‘operations to skim oil from the surface of the water’ now have recovered, in total, approximately 652,000 barrels (27 million gallons) of oily liquid. In addition, a total of 275 controlled burns have been carried out to-date, removing an estimated 238,000 barrels of oil from the sea’s surface.” (Update on Gulf of Mexico Oil Spil-28 June: Surface Spill Response and Containment).
While relief measures are in full swing, a lot more needs to be done not only to alleviate the crisis but also to ensure that minimum environment detriment is caused. Besides, BP needs to ensure that such slicks do not occur anywhere in the world where it conducts oil drilling and exploration business.
Thank you,
To: The Editor,
The Denver Post
From: concerned environmentalist
Date: June 29, 2010
Dear Sir,
The readers of this daily are indeed concerned about this massive oil spill caused by the release of methane gas which reached the Gulf of Mexico and exploded. As of now, around 40,000 personnel, some 5,000 vessels and some 110 aircrafts are engaged in relief operations. The informed readers of the daily, along with the newspaper company employees and management, would also be the chief audience. There is a need for concerted efforts and creation of global awareness about this problem and how best it could be addressed on a long term basis.
Besides, environmental specialists need to pool their resources constructively to find an early and sustainable solution for this major offshore oil disaster, perhaps the worst of its kind in recent history.
Thank you,
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