Markting – Assignment Example

Marketing Answer The six segments of sports fans are as under Teenager boys, who serve as the most thrilling sports fans, because they idealize the sportsmen and dream of becoming sports star one day in their life.
2- Young girls, the presence of whom in the ground infuse electric excitement in the sports
3- Young people in their twenties, who are arch-admirers of the sports and indicate the plus points as well as flaws in the performance made by the sportsmen.
4- Local players and members of the teams of their organization or institution and represent these professional institutions at sports and games.
5- Ex-professional players of national and international fame, who are leading the retired life.
6- The lovers of some particular sport, who cannot miss the sport being played at national or international level. They either watch the sport of their own choice on TV or purchase tickets to become live spectators of the sports event.
Answer 2:
Football is the most sport of the world, which is played and watched by millions of individuals belonging to different racial, ethnic, regional and age groups in all parts of the globe at large. The scale of the people’s excitement can particularly be observed during the mega events, when people look mad after every match and appear to be crazy for the triumph of their favorite team. Keeping in mind the thrill and passion of the spectators and lovers, various famous brands prepare the products relevant to the sport, as Coca Cola Company presents bottles, t-shirts and p-caps with the monograms and logs of footballs and favorite players. Being the most passionate and energetic stratum of every society, young boys are girls are the most dynamic spectators of football and postpone almost all their activities for the sake of the game during World Cup, Olympic Games and other mega events. Football playing and watching is very healthy activity among children and teenagers in Africa, Europe and Australia. (Williams, 2004)
Answer 3:
1. The first reason for declaring the young individuals as the most important segment is this that teenage and early twenties are two most adventurous periods of life, during which the individuals concentrate on merry-making, enjoyment and recreation not only in leisure time, but also during the work hours as well.
2. At young age, the health and fitness of the people is at its full bloom, and the individuals belonging to this age group often participate in one or more games to keep themselves active and physically fit. Being the players themselves, the national players fascinate them and they become spectators and supports of the game.
3. Young age is the period when the individuals have high aims to enjoy their life to its full swing without having any care regarding their responsibilities and obligations at large. It is therefore, the young people are the lovers of sports and games and purchase several things that represent the sports of their choice.
4. In addition, since an overwhelming majority of the players and sportsmen also belongs to the same age group, the young people idealize them and support them wholeheartedly. They spend time and money in watching sports and games of various kinds.
Answer 4:
Though no segment could be declared as the least interested stratum in the list of the sports spectators, yet middle aged working women take least interest in sports and games. In addition, the interest of elderly male and female also witnesses decline. Due to their health problems, they often suffer from weak eyesight and overall weakness, and thus they serve as the least interested segment in respect of watching the sports and games.
Williams, Michael. Young People, Leisure and Place: Cross Cultural Perspectives. Nova Publishers 2004 63