Markting – Assignment Example

Marketing Youtube started in February 2005 and ever since that time it has been a wonder for everyone. It has captured the mind and imaginations of people around the globe. This is a service on the World Wide Web which allows free sharing of videos and provides a community where like-minded people can interact with one another. Indeed this is the most popular medium of connecting, informing and educating people in different parts of the world. Youtube has followers and fans in nearly all nations of the world.
Youtube has a global market, which means it can be viewed in almost every area of the world, every country of the globe. Youtube is a free to air website. It has been a complete success ever since it was launched. It does not have a store layout to it hence the access remains on the web front for the people who can go online and share videos and therefore connect with each other to get inspired.
As far as the market share is concerned, According to March 2010 estimates, Youtube has 12.8 billion videos which is in comparison with Hulu’s 903 million. Viewers watch around 93 videos every month on an average. It has a market share of around 40 percent (Arnold 2010). Youtube has 60 employees working for it, according to a 2008 research. The scope is international as far as Youtube’s domains are concerned which make it a winner hands down. Youtube comes directly under the aegis of Google, which remains its parent company.
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