Markting – Assignment Example

The new marketing strategy Burger King launched in 2004 looks to be more related to buzz marketing. This can be explained by the fact that the company ran television commercials and conducted such promotions as in-store promotions to messages on cups. These actions can not be said to be viral marketing, because viral marketing involves Internet users sharing information with each other. In the given case, however, not so much attention was given to the online space. Instead, TV advertisements and in-store promotions were encouraging people to come again and, of course, share new information with friends.
However, it should be noted that the company used viral marketing too. In 2004 CP+B created a web-page to promote BK (Crispin Porter+Bogusky).
As for the effectiveness of the approach, it actually showed to be effective. However, though the organization used rather traditional marketing tools (TV ads, in-store promotions, etc.), the philosophy of the campaign was more modern as for 2004. In this case Burger King was trying to make their relations with the clients more personal via the tag line “Have It Your Way.” The company, thus, started moving away from mass marketing to a more sophisticated scheme – personalized marketing approach.
Though through years BK had different advertisements run, even today they support the “Have It Your Way” tag line. The famous BK commercial “with an epic flute solo”, for instance, also shows “Have It Your Way” at the end (CassieCros13, 2010). As for the target audience, the given 2010 commercial, for instance, shows that today BK is targeting rather young people, or those valuing simple food and fun leisure – probably mostly people of young and middle ages. This campaign is not likely to attract relatively wealthy or elderly people. Therefore, the only recommendation I come up with is to diversify the ads in such a way that each targets different audience.
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