Mercury , Venus , Moon – Assignment Example

number] Erosion on Mercury, Venus and the Moon Erosion is basically the movement of soil and rock. It happens when a large mass in some way moves like a fluid and may be affected by a gravitational pull. It can also be compared to weathering where in rocks are broken down through a man- made or natural way (Brown and Drake, 2009). Among the planets, Earth is the only evident place where life exists while Mercury, Venus and Moon do not.
(a) Primarily, Venus does have erosion though it comes in a very minimal way unlike Earth. It is not as evident as Earth where life exists so causes of erosion like weathering and other man-made forms are not valid. However, Venus does have an atmosphere which makes it capable to have activities resulting to erosion. It has a dense atmosphere and moves in a slow manner so erosion comes in a slothful way as well. On the other hand, Mercury and the Moon do not have significant erosions simply because they do not have atmospheres. Apparently, atmosphere is likely to be the reason why Mercury, Venus and the Moon do not have erosion like the planet Earth.
(b) Planet size and distance from the sun essentially affect its erosional activity accordingly. A planet has to be big enough to carry atmosphere and planets that are more close to the sun have hot temperatures so the atmosphere will just boil off. Erosion can also take place through rivers or other running liquid forms and it needs atmosphere to have such facet. Planets near the sun cannot hold living forms and other elements because of its heat. Even though Mercury is big, it is close to the sun so it does not have erosional activities.
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