MGMT – Assignment Example

Negotiation I have been working in a reputed educational for the last five years. Recently I had to negotiate with my manager as he announced a training program on a public holiday on which I had my own personal appointments. The manager decided to conduct the program as he was criticized by the board officials for not conducting adequate training for the staff. Since it was a recognized holiday, I had agreed to attend a public function in my hometown. It was an AIDS/HIV awareness program for minority ethnic groups in which I was to address the public as an invited faculty.
Our manager insisted that every staff must attend the training with out fail; otherwise it would be counted as misconduct in career record. I informed him that I would not participate the lately announced training; instead I would complete my personal assignment. I found little justification with his argument and said the he had no reason to compel me to attend the training because it was a public holiday; and moreover, my assignment was of major social importance. I was about to get a promotion with higher pay and I guessed that the manager’s opinion could influence the board. On the other hand, manager wanted to save face as the matter had become a prestige issue. As negotiation became inevitable, I persuaded him that I had to keep my words and should be permitted to leave. I suggested him that I would attend the training half day so that my absence might not be noticed by other employees as disobedience. He was convinced of the idea and the problem had thus been negotiated. I think it was the best possible way to negotiate with him and do not think I would make any changes in my strategy.