Michael Schudson's 1880s Editor – Assignment Example

Memo Dear Sir/Madam, This memo concerns the current changes taking place in the newspaper industry and my position as your editor.
Admitted the days are changing. The press is undergoing a revolution. I hate to acknowledge but the Heralds Bennett is bringing about a positive change to the newspaper industry. Young reporters are more aggressive today bagging long columns and getting all the credit for news items. That space has been usually reserved for an editor like myself. I fear that soon my position in your newspaper will soon become redundant.
Instead, I am now more responsible for editing advertisements, contents, formats and layouts. I am highly de-motivated by this non-intellectual role I have to play. Instead, I aspire to contribute positively but there is not much I feel I can do about this as reporters are gaining more expertise and dominating territories in the field of reporting than editors. They are reporting stories accompanied with images; they report of war, crime, and incidences as if they happened right then. And they are doing a fine job of changing the trend and informing people of actual facts instead of just "gossiping" about society and political lifestyles. This strips me of my expertise in word-play even though I realise to progress of our paper depends upon gearing up towards business, educated and intelligent readership, to differentiate form the penny papers.
Last but not least, I am concerned about my relationship with reporters in our newspapers. Day by day they are gaining more authority over my position, and very soon they will take my place.
Your feedback and advice on this matter concerning my future and role in our paper shall be much appreciated.
Schudson, M. (1978). Discovering the News: A Social History of American Newspapers. Basic Books.