Mission Statement – Assignment Example

Persuasion Speech Mission ment General Purpose: To Persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to sign a petition to modify a New York State law that states that a tax rate of about 24 % is to be enforced on single college students.
Central Idea: This law should be modified in the following way: the tax rate for single college students, which is currently about 24%, should be brought down to be 15% or less in order to meet the needs of such college students because as these students do not have the wherewithal to pay such a high rate of taxes, it is quite hard to put this burden on them.
Main points:
Need for change: College students have to dedicate most of their time to studies, consequently they have less time to work, at the same time they have to pay expensive tuition fee and, in some cases like ours, even for housing. Here, it is almost a case of double jeopardy to have them pay such a high percentage of taxes.
Plan: More tax deductions for college students.
Practicality: Rewarding those who go to college is a good idea as it increases the employment chances of the graduates, and such students can get jobs that have a higher earning potential as well. This will also result in lowering the number of people on welfare.
Action: A tax deduction should be provided to those attending college, at least at the undergraduate level, if not at the graduate level as well.