Modernity And Reversion In Bernice Bobs Her Hair – Assignment Example

Modernity and Reversion in Bernice Bobs Her Hair Modernity and Reversion is a common theme in Scott Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair. Fitzgerald tried to talk about the level of moral decadence of the modern society.
In an attempt to become a modern girl, and attractive to guys, Bernice tries to bob her hair on the advice of her cousin, Marjorie. “I want to be a society vampire, you see.” (Fitzgerald 17). Bernice believed that bobbing her hair is the prelude to becoming a modern girl. Bernice came out of the barber shop looking so strange and awkward. The boys that she sought to attract by her new hairdo were ultimately appalled by her new appearance. Bernice acted according to what she perceived as the dictates of the modern society and in trying to attain modernity; she experienced reversion in her life. Bernice now looked uglier than she was before she tried to attain this modern status. The significance of modernity and reversion was clear when Draycott Deyo gave his impression on her plan to bob her hair as he said that, “He considered feminine bathing an immoral subject, and gave her some of his ideas on the depravity of modern society.” (Fitzgerald 21). This shows that the story of Bernice bobbing her hair is a clear representation of the decadence of our modern society.
The story presents a scenario that is evident in our modern world. People try to attain modernity and when things go bad, they reach a stage of reversion in their lives. When asked of the reason that she wanted to bob her hair, Bernice replied that, “Because I’m considering it. It’s such a sure and easy way of attracting attention.” (Fitzgerald 17). The story of Bernice is quite unfortunate as she wanted to look attractive to boys, but her plan to attain the status of a ‘modern’ girl went bad as she returned to a worse state than she was before she entered the barber shop. Bernice Bobs Her Hair reminds readers that it is in the attempt to try new things and fit into the modern society that could eventually bring them to a state of reversion.
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