Motivation Assignment – Assignment Example

Motivation 21 April Motivation Assignment Why am I going to College? I am going to college to earn education, to get a good job andto earn financial stability.
I would like to gain more knowledge and it is only by going to school that I will be able to learn the most. I can also self-study or learn on my own but it would be different since having a good teacher or mentor would mean having an expert to guide me through the learning process. The experiences that the teacher would share in relation to the lessons that he/she teaches would also make the difference since these experiences would be sort of a short-cut or a glimpse into real-life applications to specific situations, and that is a big advantage. Going to college will also afford me the chance to explore other possible interests I may have that I haven’t been acquainted to before. My parents have advised me that high school is much different from college, and some of the things you think you’re interested in now may not be the same when you take them up in college. I would like to pursue a course that will be interesting and has good prospects for a fulfilling career. I am not sure I can a finish a course that will not be interesting for me, so I’d like to choose something that I can build a career on. Of course, another consideration I am looking at is a job with a good pay, and I can only be assured of getting one with a good background education. Once I get the degree, and the good job, the financial stability will surely come in no time.
2) When I get down, lack motivation or drive, or lack the desire to go to class/study/ etc., what can I do to help motivate me (refer to #1 a!; answer must tie in with 1 a.)?
The best motivation I apply when I do not feel up to going to class is thinking of myself as a pauper. I picture myself in rags, scavenging through garbage, walking aimlessly, hungry, alone and dirty. This is a very extreme situation which I imagine myself in, but is a situation which is not impossible to happen. Any man is likely to become a beggar when he does not strive to rise above his predicaments in life. I can also become a pauper if I let go of my dreams and my ambitions by being out of focus, sluggish, disorganized and lazy. So when I imagine myself as a poor man, I feel like I am doused with water, and I kind of wake up from my dream, and get on my way to class.
Another way which I motivate myself is by way of rewards -- something like my favorite drink or a good book, or a nice pen, or anything that I’d like to have at that moment. It doesn’t have to be something really expensive or impossible to get, but something simple that I’d be able to feel good afterwards for having done well. The last time I was bitten by the lazy bug I went to treat myself with a whole box of pizza. It shaved off quite a big portion of my allowance but it was well worth it since I got to do assignments later on with much more gusto.