Mt. Laurel – Assignment Example

Mt. Laurel Mount Laurel is a township located in Burlington County, New Jersey. The township’s population is around 40,000 individuals. It was incorporated as a township with the help of an Act of the New Jersey Legislature in 1872 whereby it broke free from segments of Evesham Township. The township has a total area of around 22 square miles out of which 21 square miles are on land while the remaining is in water.
The government type is through the Faulkner Act which has council-manager formation. The mayor is Jim Keenan and is managed by Jennifer Blumenthal, who oversees the daily functions of Mt. Laurel. The government form was changed into the local type in 1970.
Mt. Laurel is in the Third Congressional District which is a part of New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District. This is represented by John Adler and New Jersey is given its representation within the US Senate by Frank Lautenberg as well as Bob Menendez. The Burlington County has a five-member governing body which is known as the Board of Chosen Freeholders. It is elected for three-year terms with staggered basis (Kirp 2000).
The township government comprises of a Township Committee which has 5 members which are elected in partisan elections so that they could serve 4 year terms with staggered basis. This means that each year, there are 1 or 2 seats that come up for election. The members of the Mt. Laurel Township Committee include the mayor, Jim Keenan, the deputy mayor, Peter McCaffrey, Chris Smith, Tracy Riley and Linda Bobo.
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