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Packet-sniffing utilities can locate network problems as well as intercept and see network traffic. How can companies provide packet-sniffing software for proper use only?
According to Colasoft (2010, par. 1), packet-sniffing is “the act of capturing packets of data flowing across a computer network. The software or device used to do this is called a packet sniffer. Packet sniffing is to computer networks what wire tapping is to a telephone network”.
As indicated, companies “have legitimate uses to monitor network performance or troubleshoot problems with network communications” (Colasoft, 2010, par. 2). In this regard, companies provide packet-sniffing software specifically for proper use through internet and desktop surveillance. Internet surveillance is used as a means to “monitor its employees’ Internet usage at work, including website visits, specific page views, emails sent and the information contained in emails, as well as downloads and streaming audio and video events. This type of surveillance allows employers to determine how much time an employee is spending online as well as whether they are viewing material or performing tasks that are inappropriate at work” (Beam, 2010, par. 6) and can be properly used through installing the packet sniffing software in the system administrator’s computer. Desktop surveillance helps employers monitor the employee’s computer usage by installing the packet sniffing program directly in their specific computer units.
According to Beam (2010), “as for legal rights, current US laws only prohibit employers for intercepting email while it is in transit, not from reading it prior to sending or once it has been received. The law also prohibits the gathering of personal information such as bank account and credit card information. Though legal issues have arisen from workplace surveillance, most final rulings favor employers because they have a right to protect their business, which is viewed as their property. An employer does have the right to reprimand an employee for inappropriate or abusive Internet use” (par. 13).
Ideally, how do the four types of network topologies map to different business environments? Provide specific industry and company-related examples.
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