O' Connor A Good Man Is Hard To Find – Assignment Example

O’Connor: “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” OConnors Interpretation and Agreement “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor is a short story that appeared in the collection bearing the same name in the year of 1953.The story is renowned for its controversial ending.
O’Connor herself admitted that the use of extreme violence in the story is purposive. She justified the extreme use of violence was in order to shock the spiritual aspect of the complacent readers of the contemporary generation. O’Connor uses a religious overtone in the narrative framework of the story to portray the redemption of a fallen man in terms of existential despair against the sinful world.
The vision of O’Connor can only be partially supported. Her vision to educate and make realise the modern readers about the spiritual existence is essential but the jarring shift of the paradigm from comedy to tragedy does not seem to be a necessity.
Brief Summary of ‘Good Examples of Racism are Easy to Find in O’Connor’s “Good Man”’ by Jenn Alves – Jackson
Jenn Alves - Jackson in the essay ‘Good Examples of Racism are Easy to Find in O’Connor’s “Good Man”’ describes the racial perspective of the story. O’Connor’s surrender and embrace to Christianity have hidden racial implication with a strong backdrop of religious overtone. Jenn Alves - Jackson also argues that many critics overlook the realism present in the story on account of the didactic nature of O’Connor’s narrative and her statement regarding the purpose of the story where she intends to educate her readers about the “Christian Mysteries”. But Jenn Alves - Jackson also contends that there is enough realism present in the narrative and that can be felt and well expressed by the racist expressions of the “Grandmother” in the story. Jenn Alves concludes that the explicit use of biblical emblems or religious overtones never subverts the realism or realistic approach of the narrative.
Alves – Jackson, Jenn. “Good Examples of Racism are Easy to Find in OConnors "Good Man"” October 19, 2010. Armstrong Atlantic State University. No Date.