Personal Journal Reflection Paper – Assignment Example

Successes and Failures of The Personal Development Plan June 20, Creating a Development Plan was far easier than sticking to it. The whole point of the plan was to rearrange my life and center my goals so that I could finally become the person that I always wanted to be. Yes, this is something that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t help but notice how hard it was to rearrange my life, even if it was by taking things slowly.
The journals helped. Writing down where I was allowed me to remain focused on my plans – short term and long term. Some days were more stressful than others when it came to work and family, and taking advantage of writing in my journal served to release some of the steam that I had been holding in all day. It also reminded me why I went through my daily routines. Even things that had once seemed so unimportant were incorporated into my Development Plan, such as eating habits and daily organization. I even found myself managing my time better than before.
After carefully reviewing my journals as well as my Personal Development Plan, I have been able to discern the stage of my life that I was in, why I was not succeeding where I had expected to succeed, and what I need to do – realistically – to become a more efficient worker and well-rounded individual.
Thus far my Personal Development Plan has proved a success. I have every intention at this time of maintaining my Development Plan, because I like the way my life is. However, my only concern is that I will no longer be able to adhere to my Development Plan without something pushing me forward.
A. What a Personal Development Plan is and Why it is Difficult to Maintain
B. Positives of Journal Entries
C. Successes and Failures of Development Plan
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