Persusive Essay On Kidney Dialysis – Assignment Example

Persuasive essay on kidney dialysis Health professionals and doctors have often recommended dialysis for patients who suffer from kidney failure. Dialysis is a kind of artificial process that constitutes diffusion and ultra filtration in human body. People who have damaged kidneys often failed to getting rid of waste and superfluous water from the blood. Dialysis is the artificial replacement of kidney function, a widely recommended treatment for patients with discriminating kidney failure. Homodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are the two forms of kidney dialysis widely used. Kidneys play a vital role in maintaining the internal equilibrium of water and other minerals in the body and its failure often create severe physiological problems. Therefore, one needs to conceive dialysis as a life saving process and Claude Jacob’s underlines that it “sustains life by replacing basic biological functions as do respirators and artificial nutrition and hydration” (Jacobs 1496).
Analyzing news reports and researches on kidney dialysis, one can come to the conclusion that dialysis makes one’s life more endurable and the patient can make a new beginning. Dialysis retains desirable level of blood chemicals in the human body and through this a patient can control blood pressure. In case of acute kidney failure kidney dialysis is indispensable for a specific period of time until the kidneys recuperate. Another important fact that underlines the significance of dialysis is that other convincing treatments are not available for these kinds of critical conditions. Paula Anne Ford-Martin’s words helps the reader to understand the significance of dialysis when the author observes that “in 1996 in the United States, over 200,000 people under-went regular dialysis treatments to manage their ESRD” (Ford-Martin). Doctors and research professionals ensure that dialysis provides positive results in patient’s health by enhancing his/her overall wellbeing. To conclude, even though dialysis is highly costly it is a life saving treatment. One needs to have timely and regular check ups to see whether kidney dialyses are essential in one’s life.
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