Respond To Article – Assignment Example

Opinions Without Basis are Worthless Zeke Perez Jr. is right when he said that ours “is a nation of immigrants.” That is the only ment in his article that I agree with. In my opinion the statement means that we, or our ancestors, all come from different cultural backgrounds but we have all been brought together as a “nation.” We may look different but we are bound together as ONE nation. Nation means a group of people belonging to one government, in our case the Government of the United States. This is our nation and for our nation to progress we must work together and be united. There is no room for disagreement. No room for suspicion, hate and fear of being discriminated upon because of the way we look. Articles that induces, instigates, says or proposes such ideas without basis should not be read, or broadcasted. An example of this is the internet article of Zeke Perez Jr.entitled “Who exactly is illegal anyway?” He gives an answer by classifying the people he sees on the streets based on his or her physical features. He claims that the way we look can be the basis for the government to question our citizenship as contained in the Immigration law of Arizona. He mentions that the law targets Mexicans and Mexican looking folks such as South Americans, Latin Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Eskimos, and Middle Easterners. This is his opinion which I respect as we should all do. But his baseless opinion can fool and mislead others. He should have included the article or section in the Immigration law of Arizona that would prove his point. It is unfair to our lawmakers, people we selected to represent us, to say that the law they passed violated the Constitutional Right of the people against discrimination as to race as covered by the 14th Amendment. This law has been existing for a long time and it is a slap in the face of our law enforcers, prosecutors and justices for allowing such a law to continue if it is truly in violation of the rights of the people. But, we should give Zeke Perez Jr., at least a pat in the back for sharing his opinion. He still has lots to learn being an overly zealous, idealist, and innocent 1st year university student. He would still have to learn how to gather information and find acceptable proof to back up his statements. When he has gained these skills, only then can we truly believe in his opinions.